On the Street Where You Live by Julia Nora Pilas

About the Book

On the Street where You Live painfully reminisces the life of Vincent Mele and chronicles a loving family's agonizing dilemma of holding on and letting go.

When Vincent Mele was diagnosed with an aneurysm, his family wasted no time in selecting a surgeon. There was no doubt that surgery and hospital confinement was Vincent's only hope for survival. His supportive family looked for the best surgeon in town to perform the procedure, and chose a hospital with modern facilities for Vincent's recovery.

The success of the operation brought relief to his family, however, only days later infectious germs quickly began to ravage his body; germs that were lurking within the hospital walls.

What seemed like an eternity, but instead were only weeks, his family saw Vincent's health deteriorate at a rapid pace. With needles embedded throughout his body and monitors controlling his every function, a once vibrant healthy man was quickly transformed into a pin cushion and human incubator for germs to grow, fester, and eventually kill.

Soon after Vincent's passing, filled with sadness and rage, the family filed a complaint against the hospital for Vincent's untimely and horrific death with the Board of Public Health. In addition they also contacted several public officials only to have their complaints and agonizing ordeal fall on deaf ears.

To this day, the family grieves over their loss but more importantly they refuse to sit back and allow another loved one or fellow American to suffer and die as did Vincent.